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about us

Mission Statement

Arkay strives to develop and empower its workers through SAFE WORK PRODUCTION strategies and practices implementing a “get it done now attitude” while maintaining the professional and quality control standards expected by our clients.

Commitment To Workers

We provide ongoing training and support for our workers, adhere to the Workers Compensation Act, and follow Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

We have a workforce of 135 + team members made of various skill sets including deficiency detailers/finishing carpenters, site carpenters, machine operators and skilled/general labourers.


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what our workers are saying about us

"Anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies; equal opportunity hiring for all workers; promoting a team environment"
" Through initiatives like the teachable moments and online literature everybody that works at Arkay can access information for what programs and information are pertinent to themselves it is apparent that Arkay promotes equality."
Chris N
"Everyone is treated with respect, and given opportunities to learn and grow. They also have a great support system and easy to talk to staff."
Michelle M

our clients


management team

jim castle

Senior Operations Manager

taylor staples

Site Coordinator

evangeline blanchard

Safety Coordinator

Justin Eby

Safety | Site Support

dave braun

Admin|Site Support

susan mielke


Quality - Integrity - Reliability - Teamwork

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