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About us

Since 2003, Arkay Contracting has been a premier provider of labour support for residential construction projects across the lower mainland.

Arkay strives to develop and empower its workers in an all-inclusive environment and to maintain the professional and quality control standards expected by our clients.

We provide ongoing training and support for our workers, adhere to the Workers Compensation Act, and follow Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Construction position details

Deficiency Carpenter/Detailer - $25 - $30/hour
Tasks may include, but are not limited to:
  • Identify deficiencies in finished drywall, millwork/ mouldings, cabinets, appliances, tiles, tubs/showers, fixtures, flooring, windows, ceilings
  • Prioritize repairs/tasks and work in an efficient manner
  • Drywall installation and repair
  • Patching and sanding walls and mouldings
  • Latex caulking drywall to moulding/millwork transitions
  • Painting including cutting in free hand and with tape, spot priming, rolling walls and feathering out a patch in the middle of a wall
  • Apply silicone to sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, tile and counter/ backsplash transitions
  • Cabinet door and drawer adjustments
  • Stone chip, scratch repair, acrylic tub/shower chip/scratch repair
  • Appliance installation and repair
Site Carpenter - $22 - $30/hour
Carpentry Levels:
Carpenter’s Helper, Apprentice, Journeyperson, Lead.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints, sketches or building plans, determine dimensions and materials required
  • Framing/Forming
  • Back framing
  • Frame checking
  • Install windows and doors
  • Load, unload, or move building materials to the appropriate locations
  • Operate a variety of hand and power tools
  • Assist other workers as required
General Labourer - $18 - $22/hour
Tasks involve physical labour and may include, but are not limited to:
  • Gathering and bagging garbage and debris
  • Keeping the job site clean and organized, shoveling, sweeping and vacuuming dry and wet dust, debris and spills
  • Installation and removal of laminate/wood, carpet flooring protection
  • Installation and removal of countertop and fixture/faucet protection
  • Window frame and glass cleaning/detailing
  • Installation and removal of tub and shower protective covers
  • Shoveling/digging of soil and gravel, moving soil/gravel with wheel-barrow
  • Loading, unloading or identifying building materials, machinery or tools, and distributing them to the appropriate locations
Skilled Labourer - $22 - $30/hour
Tasks involve physical labour and may include, but are not limited to:
  • Using a variety of hand and power tools
  • Operating mobile equipment such as skid-steer, telehandler, scissor lift, aerial boom lift
  • Stripping and disassembly of concrete forms
  • Setting up and taking down of ladders, planks, scaffolding, staging and temporary structures
  • Setting up and operation of water removal pumps and hoses
  • Setting up, building and removal of temporary safety barriers and hand railings
  • Carpentry related tasks including back framing, frame checking, steel stud framing
  • Knowledge in measuring and snapping lines and assisting in layout
  • Loading, unloading or moving building materials to the appropriate locations
  • Compacting and leveling earth to grade, using picks, shovels, tampers or rakes
  • Keeping the job site clean and organized - shoveling, sweeping and vacuuming
  • Assisting other workers as required


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what our workers are saying about us

“Being an Arkay employee for the past year and a half has given me a new appreciation of myself. The skills I learned were able to help me pave a path in gaining new opportunities to learn more and to further my career. The communication between Arkay and its clients is something I love to see because to me, it signals that Arkay values building an excellent rapport with whoever they partner up with.”
Sarah S
" Making sure employees feel included and heard when it comes to general concerns around a worksite."
Keith W
"Not discriminating by gender, orientation or ethnicity in regards to hiring/firing, and compensation decisions. As well as encouraging workers not to discriminate against others."
Colin T

We care about THE safety of our workers

Safety is our top priority. We focus on training our workers and provide them with resources to do their best work. We adhere to the Workers Compensation Act and follow Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

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